Wednesday, 1 July 2009

First Go at PC

Just had my first go at polymer clay. I knew it wouldn't take long until I give it a go. It is so different from my usual work and still need to practice a lot more but really enjoyed it. Needless to say have not done anything to the Ophelia collar. Hopefully I can get it finished this weekend.

The large bracelet was inspired by a tutorial by Donna Kato. I love her work.

The oval beads for this bracelet were made with scrap bits of clay and a bead roller. My 10 year old daughter helped with these and really enjoyed it. Her best friend wears the bracelet now.

Just had enough clay to make two pendants. I used a texture sheet with writing and used some left over slices from the canes for the large bracelet. Hopefully with a bit of practice I'll get better.

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  1. Hi, beautiful bracelet and very nice colors !!
    Have a nice day,Lidia